Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Colon Cleansing Food

When researching what foods you should ingest as part of a colon cleansing plan you will quickly notice something. All of the foods that are good for cleaning the toxins out of the colon are known as very "healthy" foods. On the other hand, the foods known to increase the amount of toxins within the colon are generally known as "junk" food. So, choosing the foods to help you clean out your colon can actually be fairly easy and can just take some common sense.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 Step Control Diabetes Type 2

You have a lot to learn, but no one expects you to learn everything at once. It takes time to absorb it all. Here are three basic steps to help you gain control of your Type 2 diabetes:

Step one: Acceptance leads to control - accepting you have diabetes is difficult even if you have symptoms when you were diagnosed. It is easier to deny it rather than dealing with this sudden change to your life as you knew it. It is easy to take oral medications, but changing your way of living is much more difficult. Acceptance takes time but once you are able to accept the fact you really do have Type 2 diabetes, you can start taking control of this disease.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Radiation Effect

We have the tendency to think of the biological outcomes of radiation in their effects on existing cells. For little levels of exposure to radiation, the biological outcomes are very small that they can not be noticed. The human body contains repair devices against damage stimulated by radiation and also By means of chemical carcinogens. 
As a result, biological outcomes of radiation into living cells can result in 3 outcomes: 

1) damaged or injured cells fix themselves so that there will no more damage left; 
2) cells expire, much similar to millions of cells in the body do each day, being substituted by means of normal biological procedures; or 
3) cells repair wrongly themselves which result in biophysical change.

The duration of time amid exposure to radiation and the growth of cancer is called the dormant period and may be for many years. Those tumors that can develop as the outcome of exposure to radiation are not distinguishable from cancers that happen naturally or as an outcome of the exposure to other forms of chemical carcinogens.